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Toll free number solutions for your business
It is a great market opportunity for small business entrepreneurs and new business to join with us to expand your business with a simplest and cheaper way to promote your business using our services. Get a one-on-one free consultation about Toll Free numbers in India. Learn everything about toll free number from our consultants, call on 98280-36274 & 98290-36274, and our Toll Free specialist will help you about Toll Free number in minutes.

A Toll Free number allows the caller to connect with the called party (i.e. the business) without paying for the call unlike the normal person-to-person calls where the called party is charged as per their billing plan.

The call charges are not completely waived off, instead of the caller the called party is charged for the call and usually a premium rate because of the special arrangement.

In India a Toll Free number generally starts from 1800 followed by the operator code (The licensed telecom service provider and usually consists of three digits), which is followed by three to four digits issued by the Telecom operator to their clients.

IVR Toll Free Number details

SNo.Plan NameMinutesValidity
1.Basic10001 Month
2.Advance30003 Months
3.Business60006 Months
4.Enterprise120001 Year
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